This web application allows users to query the data in Supplementary Table 2 from Anastassiadis et al. This table presents results of kinase activity assays for 300 kinases tested individually in the presence of 178 kinase inhibitors. Output can be returned either within the web page or exported as an Excel spreadsheet. Values are means of two replicates and are given as percent remaining kinase activity in the presence of the inhibitor relative to control reactions with solvent alone. Low values mean greater kinase inhibition.

EXAMPLE: To retrieve the activity of a single inhibitor against the entire kinase panel, select kinase “Any” and the inhibitor of interest (its chemical structure will be shown). An inhibitor can be selected by either its Chemical Abstracts Service registry number (CAS number) or by its common name. The results can be filtered by checking the “Filter” box and entering the desired cutoff. Click “Retrieve Data” to return the results in the web page or “Export to Excel” to begin downloading of the data as an Excel table in CSV format.

This data table has been subjected to hierarchical clustering by both kinases and by inhibitors (Anastassiadis et al. Supplementary Figure 2). The resulting heatmap and associated dendrograms can be visualized and searched as a high resolution PDF within your browser window by clicking the link on the home page.